Monday, May 19, 2008

Graffiti Laws in Melbourne

A youtube video talking about the new graffiti law in Melbourne.

More info on current Graffiti Laws in Melbourne can be found here, on this City of Melbourne website you can find the Graffiti Management Plan for 2009-2013.

Stencil Graffiti Capital: MelbourneBanksy Locations and Tours: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London, England (PM Press)


  1. Oh this is so sad, graffiti in Melbourne was a tourist attraction. So much for the public consultation and artist consultation...this makes me cry...then scream in anger! Free Melbourne her art is being held hostage!

  2. Anonymous8:12 pm

    whats wrong with graffiti it looks good and is an attractio

  3. Anonymous7:32 pm

    if the council takes down graffiti, they take down Melbourne's culture

  4. Anonymous3:15 pm

    some graffiti is like really ugly:(