Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Submission to Streets of Melbourne

A few guidelines for you, if you submit any pictures to this website. This maybe updated as I go.

1. Picture Size from 800x600 and up, keep file size around 100 and 200 kb, larger files are sometimes difficult to download.

2. Mobile phone pictures may not be published as they can be low quality

3. Please label your picture files with tittle_location_date.jpg. For example Your Picture could be called 'stencil' location 'Melbourne CBD' and date '14/5/2009', so the label would look like stencil_melbcbd_090514.jpg.

4. Photo's that are blurry or unfocussed, and have a flash(reflections can wash out the image) are usually not posted.

5. This blog is about recent street art, so I can only post pictures that have been taken recently, for example in the last year.

All submissions can now be sent to streetsofmelbourne(at)


  1. Hey man, have you got an email contacrt. I cant seem to find it. I have may high qaulity street art photos. I would love to chat to you aboutr getting them up on your sight.

    Cheers Shaun

  2. Hi Shaun email address is in this post streetsofmelbourne at