Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Part of the problem: negative press

Friday (30/09/05) saw MX take a stab at Graffiti, which made it to the front page. They also had a SMS poll “Does Melbourne need to clean its graffiti up before the (Commonwealth) Games?” The verdict was YES: 35%, NO: 65%.

Melbourne has become more of a hub to Street Art, not just tagging. And it would be a shame to loose some of this art work which many people come to Melbourne to especially see.

The Herald-Sun reported (Friday 30/09/05) “Melbourne City Council will serve notice as soon as next week on VicTrack and VicRoads to remove graffiti from public infrastructure across the city.” (Read more)

Also Police, State Government and Business have been working together to make a new law. “The proposed law would give the authorities — including council staff and volunteers — the right to remove graffiti from private property without the owner's permission, as well as increasing penalties against offenders for graffiti attacks.”(The Age, 12/09/05) (Read more) This appears to be part of the "Love Melbourne" campaign which will be launched in October. It very scary to think that council staff and volunteers would remove property without any warning at all, what if the owner had paid good money for there street art on there wall.

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