Sunday, August 03, 2008


Don't know where this was held, but expect it's somewhere in Melbourne town.

This video was made by LilithFilth about Stencil artist Peat Wollaeger who recently collaborated with some of Melbourne's graffiti artists to create an exhibition full Mexican style wrestling masks. The video advises it's on at Per Square Metre gallery until? Some of the artists that are on the collab include Dabz, Myla, Dvate, Askem, Ghost Patrol, Drew, Phibs, Meggs, Reka, Deb, Rone, Makatron, Sear, Isis, Dirty Sanchez, Mayo, Radio & Chris Sabatino.

Music: Sabrosa by Beastie Boys taken from The In Sound From Way Out (1996)
Peat Wollaeger website and on YouTube

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    See more of Dabz & Myla & crew on their US tour here go to GRAFFITI ART here: