Saturday, October 03, 2009

Clones are taking over this City

Ahh...gotta love Melbourne Fringe Festival on Twitpic

This is what I missed while I was working, part of the Fringe Festival.

From the Fring Site "Take Off Your Skin (TOYS) is a large-scale collaborative dance performance. A collaboration with Japanese artist Yasuko Kurono, TOYS is a multiplying project that manifests in public spaces – both virtual and physical."

"During the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival clusters of Kurono clones will intercept iconic sites throughout Melbourne, climaxing in an imploding mass of dance, abstraction, poise and presence. The clones’ mission is to reveal the beauty in pattern and numbers, provoking reflection and difference in common spaces."

"Participants perform and record their experiences in small pods of clones and as a mass under choreographed guidance. Post-performance, the dance of the clones will be revealed online – showing a multiplicity of viewpoints from the participants and the audience."

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