Friday, November 19, 2010

Tiger Translate

Coming up next Sunday 28th of November on Finlay Lane Melbourne CBD, is Tiger Translate, featuring artwork by Sirum, Aeon, Beastman, Toño, Chas, Shida, Adnate, Urban Cake Lady, Rone, Numskul, Reka, Roach and Katre. Also there will be live art by ItchSofles, Dvate and Does, plus installations by Meggs, Soul Orton, Song Yang and Tran Trung Linh. Music supplied by Hermitude, DJ Dexter, The Faders and Nick Fleming

I'm looking forward to checking out the finish artwork and live art. Watching live art is a great way to see the process of making the finished piece and watch a wall come to life.

UPDATE : Video of this can be found here
Another Video of the finished work in Finlay Lane can be found here

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