Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DOPIO SOLO SHOW “Good As A Holiday”


DOPIO SOLO SHOW “Good As A Holiday”



They say a change is as good as a holiday, but Melbourne Graffiti Artist Dopio, has proven that a holiday, is equally as good for inspiring change. In this multi-faceted Installation show, Dopio shows how a recent holiday to Europe has inspired a rush of ideas and dramatic change to his artistic Identity and style. ‘I became influenced by the straight chrome letters on the transit system and the bold, detailed characters I saw,’ he states about the Netherlands, where his new journey of exploration began.

Originally a Perth Artist, Dopio has been exhibiting and painting walls in Melbourne, Interstate and Abroad prolifically since moving to Melbourne over 5 years ago. Previously known under several other aliases, it was in Diest Belgium while writing a coffee menu, that the new Moniker “Dopio,” arose to parallel the artistic transformation. The word ‘Doppio’ in Italian translates to Double Shot, but can also be likened to the Artist’s Double Identity aswell as referring to two or more styles.

Dopio has primarily been known as a character and abstract writer in the past, but has realized that in order to keep his style progressing and pushing boundaries, he must experiment and perfect as many styles of the graffiti art form as possible. This exhibition is a display of his skill and versatility; including everything from old school throw-ups, backgrounds, detailed characters and self portraits to colorful canvases that melt into the painted walls. Also including a rusty ratrod lowrider built almost entirely from scratch, posters and more. As the Artist explains, ‘everything is still done in my style, but I’m just taking a more refined and diverse approach to it all now, rather than doing one or two styles- I want to eventually perfect them all.’ Best part is, although all the mediums meld into one playful fun and composed piece, anything not actually painted on the walls, comes off and is for sale! So come down, grab a bargain, and support change!!

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